March 24, 2018

Welcome to Our New and Improved Website

In an effort to make information available to the residents of our community, we have updated the format and appearance of our site. It is the civic association’s hope that you will utilize these pages to not only stay current with local news and events, but to contribute your own ideas and suggestions, both for the site and our neighborhood.

Please check in often for new content and take a moment to explore the links provided. Your input and comments are invaluable and will serve to further unite the members of our community in maintaining Mill Brook as a harmonious place to live, work and play.

In order to reach everyone in our community via our emailed bulletins, we ask that you please send us your email address. Just email it to

Thank you as always for your support and participation. You can send us a message via the Contact Us or by email at

We look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you at our spring and fall general meetings.

With best wishes from your volunteer civic association board.
Join us in serving our community!