Civic Board


The Mill Brook Civic Association was governed for over half a century by a board comprised of officers and members, led by a president. This year, committees comprised of officers, board members, and the occasional community member with special expertise have been doing the job. And you know what? We find it all working very well. We are democracy in action. When people work toward a common goal, success is all but guaranteed.

So who are these people on your board? First, we are all volunteers. We are parents of every age, workers from many fields and professions; we are coaches, homemakers and retired folk, new residents of Mill Brook and veteran home dwellers. We are all different. What we have in common is our dedication to preserve, and when possible, enhance the way of life we are all so fortunate to enjoy in this rare gem of a neighborhood.

Your board is a diverse group of people who reflect the wonderful diversity found in our community. Mill Brook is brimming with many cultures and languages, and living here is a constant learning experience. What is most regarded beyond any difference among us is the value of being a good neighbor. Evidence of this is all around us, from the pride we take in our lawns and homes, to the way we keep an eye on all of the children, not just our own. This is what separates living on a street from living in a neighborhood. We are a neighborhood.

Please support our community in any way you can. Visit our website and Facebook page. Attend our two yearly general meetings and our summer concert. Pay your dues. Make a suggestion; write us an email. Join a committee and offer a skill. Come out for our garden projects; ask to observe a board meeting. We’ll be happy to have you. You just might open a door you never knew was there.

Board Officers

  • President - Gil VanEtten
  • Executive Vice President - Bob Brown
  • 1st Vice President - Linda Kettering
  • 2nd Vice President - Jack Cohn
  • Treasurer - John Campbell
  • Secretary - Ali Arje

Board Members

  • Yadlynd Cherubin-Eide
  • Lee Feinman


External Affairs

  • Police matters
  • Streets and roads
  • Local government
  • Green Acres Mall


  • Schools
  • Environment
  • Community cleanup
  • Neighborhood events


  • Finance and dues
  • Membership
  • Website
  • Facebook page


You can read all by-laws here.