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History of Mill Brook

The Mill Brook Community was conceived in 1933 and built during the 1940s as the Community of Green Acres. A part of this history was described in a paper written by Mill Brook resident Ellen K. Popper in 1994 entitled "Living With the Automobile: Variations on the Radburn Idea." The following excerpt of that paper is published here with Ms. Popper's permission. If you have information about the history of Mill Brook, please e-mail the Civic Association. The project was planned in 1933 by Clarence Stein, a town planner, for 350 acres of flat land on a former airfield in Valley Stream, just east of the New York City border. The plan, conceived as a method of 'priming the pump' to get the building industry going during the Depression, "was to provide dwellings for 18,000 people and . . . to fulfill a primary objective of giving employment." The project was never built, according to Stein, because "a large government is slow of action and its machinery complicated." Three years later, Irwin S. Chanin, a powerful private developer who had built the Majestic apartment building on Centra Park West at 71st Street and the Century on Central Park West at 62nd Street announced plans to build Green Acres, a suburban development of 1,800 single-family homes -- one-tenth the density of Stein's plan -- and a large shopping center on the same 350-acre site in Valley Stream... more >>


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